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Version 1.1.0

Find all the news about it !

What's coming next in 1.1.0 :
Share by email your plane.
You can now share your plane by mail to all your friends !
Loading image.
There is now a loading image so that you are not mistaken by another image.
Revamped vote system.
Your votes are now stored on your phone so that you can find if you liked a plane or not.
The buttons are now also slightly different. (👍🏽 & 👎🏽)
A walkthrough is available when you launch the app and you can see it when you want in the "More" tab.
Other :
The user interface is now more user-friendly with clear data.
When a error occurs, you should be able to see clearly what has happened what what you should do next.
You can now reload a page.
And a lot more !
Coming soon.
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